Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wave Power

Mum and Dad’s helicopter flight was delayed by only a few hours due to fog on Friday and it wasn’t long before we were having a drink in the dungeon bar of Star Castle. Mum wasn’t overly keen on the bar describing it as a bit too “dungeony” but the Liverpudlian barman (or was he a ghost?) kept our spirits high.

For the first time since our arrival, a tourist boat was running so on Saturday we took up the opportunity and sailed to Tresco. There was a huge swell and the crossing, though fairly short, was pretty rocky. Once safely on the quay we walked clockwise around the island, first stopping at Cromwell’s Castle where we caught a glimpse of the huge waves crashing over the north of the island and Bryher. We walked on over the heathland and down to Piper’s Hole to watch the waves which were gigantic!

They’re what I would imagine the big Hawaii waves to look like but the idea of surfing on them was terrifying. Then they BOOMed as they hit the rocks in front of us, sending water vertically upwards into towering sprays. We spent quite some time just watching the water and gasping lots before we made our way down the East side of the island which very suddenly became sheltered and the sea gently lapped at the beautiful white sandy beaches.

On Sunday we decided to explore St Mary’s and walked much of the way round the island enjoying the varied views and terrains. There was more wave-crashing watching at Peninnis and some seal spotting at Pelistry.

In the evening we joined mum and dad again for their 5 course meal at Star Castle and ate delicious fish and scallops and we toasted marshmallows in the candle flame, before feeling mightily stuffed.

We haven’t done a whole lot of work yet this week, but we have power-washed the Woolpack.

The wind picked up yesterday and the waves at Peninnis were even bigger!

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