Tuesday, 1 February 2011


This week so far we have been making FIRE! Helping to regenerate a few areas around St Mary’s where European gorse and bracken have taken a strong hold, hopefully allowing for a greater variety of grasses and wild flowers to flourish later in the year.

And we have also been helping to move some of the Devon Ruby Red cows to a new patch of grazing. The cows are also playing a vital part in the conservation of diversity, and opening up areas that were previously inaccessible for people to walk in and explore. At the same time they hark back to times when many areas around the islands would have been grazed and maintained (perhaps unintentionally!) by local farmers.

The weather continues to impress, another day today where we found it hard to believe it’s only just February as we bathed in the sun eating our lunch overlooking the ocean at Deep Point. Beautiful!

Tomorrow and Thursday (weather and winds permitting) we will be out and about rat baiting again on the uninhabited Eastern Isles.

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