Thursday, 10 February 2011

Seals rock

The wind picked up at the weekend and we had some dramatic walks around the coast, watching the crashing waves and getting blasted by spray.

Despite this, the daffodils and narcissi are all coming out and out of the wind you could mistake the season for mid spring.

Us in some rocks:

Work this week has involved raking up brash down on the squares with Jim, cutting out some gorse with loppers around rocks, picking up litter washed up from sea (in amongst the usual mountains of plastic waste we found some beer cans with the old ring pull, they must have been there quite some time), moving some more cows with Darren up on the garrison.

Today however was another rat baiting day and we went out on the Wildlife Trust boat with Dave, Darren and Patrick. It was a pretty hideous day, very foggy and damp, but exploring the uninhabited islands is so interesting you barely notice you’re soaked through! We started out on Northwethel, near Tresco – not too much evidence of rats, you’ll be pleased to know! Afterwards we went back out to the Eastern Isles, to Great Ganilly and Nornour. We crossed the former and someone spotted a seal on the beach. Then we suddenly realised that all those smooth spotted boulders on the beach were also seals, we counted about 90 of them! You’ll have to take my word for it I’m afraid because we didn’t take the camera. As soon as they spotted us they all flopped along the beach into the sea. All bar one huge male that is, who must’ve been having a lovely deep snooze and looked quite surprised when he finally roused himself about 5 minutes later to see none of his neighbours around him. A few of the rudely awakened seals then spent the next few hours following us around the coast (in the sea obviously!) watching what we were up to as we scrambled up rocks, along cliff edges and through brambles hunting for rat bait stations.

Mum and Dad are coming out tomorrow for a long weekend, just hope the fog lifts or they may get stuck in Penzance…tune in next week to see if they made it out!

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