Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Eastern Isles

The rain kept us on St Mary’s clearing brash on Wednesday, but by Thursday it was sunny again and the winds permitted us to get out to the Eastern Isles.

We visited Menawethan which involved a very exciting landing; David rowing us ashore then waiting for just the right wave to pitch us on to a suitable rock – all the while watched by an audience of Seals and Fulmars. The trip back was almost as exciting – involving a leap from a wave covered rock back into the waiting dingy!

View from the top towards St Martins with Great Innisvouls, Great Ganilly and the Wildlife Trust boat:

And towards the Arthur’s with (left to right) St Mary’s, Samson and Tresco in the background:

Laura being rowed back to the boat:

Next up Laura and I waited on the boat watching the seals as Darren and David visited Little Innisvouls.

Laura with Fulmars above and seal heads bobbing in the water:

We then went ashore on to Great Innisvouls, not such a dramatic landing this time.
View towards St Mary’s in the far distance:

The Eastern Isles are covered in really interesting rock formations, nobbly, lichen covered towers shaped by the sea and the weather. It’s easy to imagine all sorts of images appearing out of the rock faces.

Next up was Little Ganinick and Great Ganinick, linked by a long rocky causeway at low tide. We scrambled between the two and left as the causeway began to cover.
The Ganinicks as we made our getaway:

We stayed on the boat as Darren and David visited Ragged Island

and finally an attempt was made to land us all on Little Ganilly, but the weather was on the turn – the wind and the swell increasing and after a failed attempt to row us on to the rocks (Me taking a wave full of spray in the face in the process) David decided that with the changing conditions landing here could turn into a bad idea, so turned us round and rowed us back to the boat. A very bouncy and wet ride back to St Mary’s ended what had been a very exciting day!

Yesterday the wind increased further, and the waves are picking up - looking forward to seeing some dramatic seas over the weekend...

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  1. Wow!! Sounds and looks fabulous! How fantastic that you found your family graves, and the photos of the fire are amazing - as are many of your pics. Maybe we should have a slide show or sommat on your return! Glad it's all going so well, miss you very much, look forward to seeing you back here with us soon! Kelly x x