Thursday, 1 April 2010

Countdown is set to zero

Finished. Been a crazy week, it's probably not completely over but good to be looking forward to a new way of life, not looking back... Sad to be leaving so many great people behind at work, but the timing could not have been more pertinent. See you soon I should think!

A period of quiet reflection and frantic last minute preparation in Bristol will be followed by some exciting times. In the last week our first few months has taken shape, we now have a definite itinerary taking us to the end of July. It became apparent to us last weekend that leaving the arrangement of wwoofing placements to the last minute would have been a recipe for disaster, or at least a recipe for homelessness… Now I feel a bit too organised – better than the alternative though!

Scotland is now entirely sorted (barring any last minute changes). A rough map of our plans (click on the picture to enlarge):

Now, after a long sleep, we need to start thinking about Ireland...


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  1. Loving the hand drawn map with comments on!