Tuesday, 6 April 2010


So I feel like this is the first actual day of our year off as the Easter hols are now over…how does it feel? Hmm, pretty much the same as yesterday! I did notice how long the 4 day break seemed to be (M said it was because I was with him 24 hours a day and how would I feel after a year?!) but I’m sure it’s because there was no Sunday night / “oh..work tomorrow” feeling.

I realise that now I'm writing this and people are actually viewing it, which makes me feel more self-conscious! Does this really interest you?

Like Matt, I left work last Thursday. It seems peculiar that I’ve been there longer than my time at university. What feels really odd leaving after that amount of time is all that knowledge you’ve accrued. Unless I return to that area of work again (well obviously Higher Education administration was my calling in life), then all that learning, knowledge, information is redundant. At least this year I’ll be learning skills for life. Well I hope so anyway, perhaps we’ll just spend our days weeding potato patches…

Anyway, the last day at work was an unusual one – most of my department was out at an away day which meant that there were no “grown-ups” in the office. It made for quite a relaxing environment for my final day. Then I was truly touched by the number of people who came out after work to the Thekla for my leaving drinks. It's sad to have left everyone behind and I'll miss you all! But I also feel a huge sense of relief to have got out before the move to Swindon. Here’s a picture of Dylan kissing his muscular man arm for no reason I can remember.

Since then we have been mostly: packing; allotmenting; eating up food from the cupboards/fridge/freezer (still feeling the effect of those 1 ½ year old borlotti beans!); eating chocolate; catching up on sleep; playing with Charlie, and painting her.



  1. Yay for blogs! I'll always be interested, so keep writing! Can't wait to hear about your plans for Ireland!

  2. Very sad to see you go but very excited to hear all about your adventures. Lots of photos and maps scribled on a variety of scrap paper, please. Looking forward to seeing you at the bash next week, LMD, & to lovely Ilfracombe. Hope the last few days in Bristol aren't too hectic or sad! xx