Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Somehow a week has passed since our last blog, and we’ve been doing lots of exciting things. I’m currently sat typing this with Squeak the cat curled up on my lap!

We left Bristol on Tuesday evening and travelled to Shropshire to spend a few days house and animal sitting. We dug over the vegetable patch and fenced in the front lawn to stop Poppy escaping – since she’s quite deaf now (and her eyesight is dubious) it seems that her nose has become super-powerful and she likes nothing better than to follow it wherever it takes her in the wood and fields…. Then Mum and Dad have the challenge of trying to find her! No longer can she escape.

Then on Friday we went to stay with Greg, Kath and Tilly for the weekend. Tilly has grown lots since we last saw her and can now nearly wave! We had a great weekend; after walking the dogs we set about helping Greg and Kath with their garden, together we all worked very hard in the sunshine setting up their vegetable patch for the summer. They can now look forward to bumper crops of peas, lettuce, runner beans, radishes, spring onions, spinach, courgettes, strawberries and blueberries – make sure you keep watering them all Greg… In the evening we had the first bbq of the year followed by some gaming and on Sunday Greg and I slaved away in the garden again laying a path while everyone else watched and criticised our 10 point action plan!

Then after dinner back home, we finished cramming the car with all the ‘essential’ things we will need and finally set off on the first WWOOFing leg of our trip. First stop Smiling Tree Farm!

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  1. What a lovely start! Bon voyage, kids. And Laura - after two days at the SSC, I can assure you that you made the correct decision. See you in Ilfracombe! x