Thursday, 25 March 2010

Not long now...

A sea of Black plastic seems to be taking over our allotment...

Meantime... just one week to go now until we can unleash the mind forged manacles - and I can't wait for the new life to begin. If only for one year... Leaving Bristol will be a shock to the system, it's been a fantastic place to be and we've really grown to love the places and people we've got to know. A real shame to be leaving but its for the right reasons, and I strongly suspect we'll be back.

We've pretty much mapped out our plans for the first 6 or 7 weeks which should lead us up to Scotland following a brief hiatus in Bristol - via a rather circuitous route encompassing Shropshire, the Welsh Borders, North Devon, Oxfordshire, the Peak District, Yorkshire and Northumberland. Then onwards to Ireland for summer until we begin a migration south to Spain as Autumn begins. And then? The time seems to be speeding by (in the form of a neon snake?!) before we've even begun.


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