Wednesday, 28 July 2010


We spent a great evening catching up with the AHRC crew last Thursday in Bristol.

At the weekend we travelled to Charlton Park to partake in our first WOMAD festival of which we are now big fans! We couldn’t help comparing it to Glastonbury as it does have a similar energised atmosphere only without the horrendous queues to get into/out of the car park; without the sweaty 2 hour trek to find a plot to stick your tent on; with a lot less rubbish flying about (mainly due to the gangs of children going around collecting the plastic beer tent cups to cash in for the 10p deposit on each one!); with cleaner loos; and with every age group well represented. We really enjoyed the positive, upbeat music and dancing and will definitely be going again.

We camped with Kelly, her cousin Josh, her mum Carole and friends Liz and Steve. We also met up with Sam and Sarah and my mum who made a guest appearance on Sunday! Just some of the fantastic acts we saw included Dam, some Palestinian rappers, Staff Benda Bilili, LaBrassBanda, a fantastically energenetic Bavarian funk band, dancing Saturday night away (on crutches) to Novalima, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, watching the crazy dancers from the Sounds of West Africa (disappointingly Kelly and Matt did not fully recreate their dance moves!), the musical fusion of Afro Celt sound system and yet more dancing to the hip hop beats of DJ Kentaro.

We are now back in Shropshire, having fully recovered from festival- fatigue, ready to check out some sheep tomorrow. Yesterday we visited Matt’s granny, had a lovely lunch and had a laugh with Matt’s great uncle Ray.

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  1. It's me! I'm in the picture at the top! I'm famous!!!

    It was lovely to see you both again. Good luck with choosing sheep - I will need to come up and cuddle the lambs in spring you know - lambs are SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!