Tuesday, 13 July 2010

What do you call a woman with one leg...?


So it’s been nearly two weeks since the accident and I’m still not walking. But I am getting rather good at manoeuvring with crutches which is pretty lucky as I had my toughest trial yet on Sunday: getting into/out of a punt.

Looking back through the diary it seems I have spent most of the past week sitting in the sun, reading, knitting cakes, watching tennis/football, eating strawberries, painting and trying not to eat too much yummy food whilst Matt has been busy pruning, strimming, picking, freezing, lifting, plumbing, driving and also being my personal slave.

In Shropshire we went to see Kath, Greg and baby Tilly plus the veg garden that we’d helped plant back in April. My how both Tilly and the garden had grown! We also went to visit Christine, our first WWOOFing host from Smiling Tree Farm who gave us a tasty lunch and advice on keeping sheep (something we’re currently looking into!).

On Saturday we left Matt’s Mum and Dad’s hospitality and headed to Bampton. En route we drove (I say we, I mean Matt) to Bristol to visit the allotment and see if it had survived the late frost in early May and the subsequent lack of rain…we were half expecting to have been chucked off our plot for lack of cultivation so imagine our surprise when we arrived to a bountiful plot overflowing with squash and brassica leaves (and a few weeds)! After cutting down some grass, doing a spot of weeding and picking pots of blackcurrants, raspberries and worcesterberries, along with some cherries from allotment neighbour Phil, we drove to Bampton.

There we met King Henry VIII and a unicorn (a.k.a. dad and mum off to a “Legends” party). We spent Sunday on the river, had a picnic with the Freemans and Geakes, just like old times, and then watched the footie in the Mo’ Clo’.

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  1. I'm even envious of you with a sore ankle!!!

    hope it feels better soon, I hear you are in Bristol next week so we can heal you with all our good vibes and "pleased-to-see-you-ness"