Thursday, 22 July 2010

A busy week

Another week and a bit has flown by, and thankfully Laura’s ankle is mending nicely. Three weeks of being her personal slave seems to be coming to an end!

Again, there has been no WWOOFing – but we have been surprisingly busy and rather cultured:

In Bampton we have been to the very entertaining Gifford’s Circus. Caught up with Ollie, and had lunch with Sarah in Oxford.

We had a weekend in London staying with Dan and Katy where we had birthday drinks with Mandy.

Then went to the Theatre (with Emily too) to see the terrifying ‘Ghost Stories’ and saw a three legged fox on the way home.

And cruised down the Thames to celebrate Laura's uncle Rodney’s 70th.

We have met up with Laura S (and Pinkus the kitten) who told us the exciting news that some of her work has been chosen to be displayed in the V&A in the Autumn.

And we have been to the beach at Milford on Sea where we where lucky enough to see a 22 degree halo.

Then to Winchester to see the fantastic Howe Gelb and Giant Sand.

Now we are back in Bristol staying with Kelly. Last night we watched ‘Inception’ but I won’t pretend that I understood what was going on! More weeding at the allotment is planned for today (still growing strong) and preparations for WOMAD this weekend.


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  1. good marrow!!!

    looking forward to seeing you lovely monkies this evening! x Natalia