Friday, 28 May 2010

Goodbye Sheardum

The heat wave may have ended in Scotland but it makes it no less beautiful.

We are leaving Sheardrum this morning which feels quite sad, this has been a fantastic place. The farm may be slightly chaotic but Claire and Ali have made an amazingly fun, colourful and interesting place to live in. If ever we acquire our smallholding and it’s half as characterful as this place I’ll be very happy!

Over the last few days we have had a day off and gone walking along the coast ending up in a picturesque town named Elie where we enjoyed an ice-cream on the beach. We then had a couple of days working without Ali which involved more bashing thistles, veg weeding, feeding the baby (Tiny the lamb), taking the dogs to the Sportsfield, watering the lawn etc. etc.

We’ve also been getting to know the lambs a little better!

Oh and guess what? We’ve been eating YET MORE delicious food. Including Matt’s magnificent sticking honey and almond cake last night which we ate with ice cream and custard (having already eaten a huge macaroni cheese). After eating it Claire said she felt “quite cardiac”.

Today we will travel westwards towards Acaracle for our next farming adventure. Apparently there are mushrooms.



  1. Hey kids, super-exciting to read about all your adventures, esp when I'm sitting at M&D's and it's black outside and absolutely chucking it down! We are living vicariously thru you! lots love, Kelly (Sidg) x x

  2. I am so envious! I love lambs, how amazing to have soooo many trying to give youa cuddle instead of the other way around! I'm glad to hear you are having a super amazing time and the hosts are keeping you both fed properly! big smiles, Natalia xx