Friday, 7 January 2011

Don't be Scilly!

Happy New Year to you all

After MUCH deliberation with what feels like hundreds of you, we have finally decided upon where to spend the next few months. And the answer is…drum roll…..the Isles of Scilly!

So it’s not quite as exotic a location as India, Argentina, Panama, Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Cape Verde or Israel (just a few of the places that have been real contenders), neither will we probably pick up a suntan and the snorkelling that Matt was hoping to do might be put on hold, however it definitely feels like the right thing to do. As much as we feel like we’ve “done” the UK’s winter now, something felt a bit hypocritical about purposefully exploring and travelling around the UK to get to know it better, only to bugger off once the bad weather came. Besides the Isles of Scilly is one of the warmest parts of the UK and through the recent “Big Freeze”, reached highs of 10 degrees, woooo! I take back that statement about the suntan!

So, we will be volunteering for the Wildlife Trust on St Mary’s where we get free accommodation in a one hundred year old gun battery. We’ve been told that in bad weather the food supplies boat may not get through, but the booze never runs out. So I think we’ll be just fine.

We apologise profusely to those of you whom we discussed at great length potential locations, only to ignore all suggestions!

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  1. Excellent decision! Scilly is stunning, though expensive so make sure you take supplies! Sounds really good, hope you have a lovely time x