Monday, 25 October 2010

Ensalda mixta

Wow, almost 2 weeks have passed since our last post, in a flash! Along with the large amounts of relaxing, reading, painting, lounging in the sun and eating lovely food, we have managed to fit in some other stuff too, including some chores:

We hired a car for 5 days and went exploring, mainly to beach-based sites! We spent one day visiting the impressive Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, a Roman town.

There we managed to catch a glimpse of a couple of what we think were Ocellated lizards (large ones, like Iguanas). We also went swimming at the beautiful Bolonia beach (next-door to the ruins) with it’s huge sand dune at one end which continues to extend and drown out a forest.

We also spent a number of sunny afternoons at the favourite El Palmar beach, bodyboarding and continuing to better our beach-ball rally scores (172 to beat).

It was lovely to see Katy and Dan at the end of their holiday in Andalucia at the weekend. They were introduced to Pizza Friday, we got bladdered forever, exercised on public gym equipment (and bitten at the same time by beasties), ate random tapas (I ordered a large salad and got given a small salt cod sandwich?!), swam in the wavy Atlantic, drank herbal liqueur, met Eduardo, the happiest dog in the world and rocked out.

We leave Medina Sidonia next week, heading West for Portugal to Matt’s friend Chris for a week of unofficial WWOOFing. Then back to Blighty mid November for 2 weeks of idle WWOOFing in Devon.

This is Gordon, our resident gecko with a stumpy tail:

A sobering article from the Guardian

Better get down the allotment...

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  1. Lovely photos, the sky looks beautiful! I didn't realise you would be leaving Spain so soon. Hear you are back in Briz soon- don't know if I am going to be around though. *Insert big sad face here*

    PS. Nice T-shirt Matt, good to see that you're keepin' it real despite globe-trotting antics!

    Katie xx