Sunday, 15 August 2010


Just a very quick entry today and no photos, but maybe we'll post some soon if we can!

We had a great time in Howth cutting hedges in the baking sunshine, enjoying the stunning views across Dublin bay, eating very well and having a touristy day in Dublin - meeting Kim and Wes for lunch at 'The Farm'!

Have just spent the weekend with my (Matt) Dad's cousin Valerie and husband Paul, exploring their farm and the surrounding countryside and eating their home-grown produce (they are practically self-sufficient).

On our way to our next WWOOF host now, back to basics and back to the land, lets hope the hot weather continues...

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  1. Oh how exciting you had lunch with Kim!!! Brilliant! Ireland sounds lush (from the last post), I am also jealous you went to Ballymaloe yum. Take care and see ya soon. Kelly x x